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To say the opposite you would call it mild, sweet, or smooth. Ambrosial is, therefore, fit for the gods, delectable, mouthwatering, heavenly, savory, delicious, tasty, toothsome, divine. Not enough to keep you interested in what you are writing. That is why we have to borrow words from other areas to describe the food and the effect it has on us.

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  • But most times dry food is juiceless and tasteless, lacking moisture -it will need a sauce.
  • The big meatball had a good texture and plenty of flavour too.
  • The wings were evenly coated with a layer of savoury sauce with a touch of sweetness, yet did not ‘steal’ away the crisp of the outer skin.
  • A little too much, in fact, when I took a spoonful and it turned out to be a solid clump of bonito.
  • Also, you would realise that the chicken parts were moist yet not fatty.

Atlas Butterscotch Banana Pancake ($18) is a popular choice. This fluffy pancake is drenched in butterscotch sauce and topped with slices of banana and a scoop of honeycomb ice-cream. Bukit Timah folks, no more going all the way to Tiong Bahru for Plain Vanilla’s cupcakes and coffee. Their outlet at Cluny Court is a cosy little cafe with warm and comforting decor.

Kolkata Mutton Biriyani Mutton 2 Pcs + Aloo + Egg + Chicken Chap

Dutch Coffee ($6 to $7.50) made by filtering ice cold water through coarse coffee grinds for over 12 hours. The slow and cold brewing process reduces the amount of oxidation, resulting in less acidity and bitterness along with an increase in fruity flavours. With a braised egg on the side, you’ll want a bit of sharp acidity to cut through all that richness so I do recommend a spoonful of pickled green chillies on the side. The cold tofu ($2 with any main) was a refreshing side, especially when it’s hot.

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And even then, it’s only if they actually left in any seeds. The basil pork tasted alright, fairly flavourful with simply delicious loads of green beans in every bite, but the rice was somewhat dry. My favourite thing on the plate was the decadently greasy wok-fried sunny side up – crispy sides with a still-molten yolk. I get it if some people find the Teochew dish visually unappealing – the messy plate, the bee hoon drenched in murky brown sauce, but that sauce, I think, is key to Jin Li’s success. It’s an incredibly well-balanced satay sauce, mostly savoury with just a hint of sweetness, nutty and creamy, but smooth enough not to be claggy.

Some button mushrooms, a couple of tomato wedges and a few pieces of crab stick completed the dish. Taste-wise, it’s not as hot and tart as I’d like, and lacked the distinctive lemongrass and kaffir lime aromas. Yakiniku that have since opened in various shopping malls serving up the same fare. Those who wish to pick and choose the meats that they desire would also be able to do so from the ala-carte section of the menu. Traditional North Indian food is, sadly, still not that common in hawker centres, and Dhaba 1376 makes a strong case for why there should be more of the exciting, full-flavoured cuisine. Their menu is an extensive one, with different items including starters, kebabs, biryanis etc.

Chicken Egg Roll

Penang Home Made Beef Ball doesn’t just have beef noodles; they also have a wet-style hor fun and beef fried rice. But whenever it’s my first time trying a stall out, I like to start with their signature, so I got the mixed beef noodles for an all-in-one. Impressively, I think everything on their menu is less than $10, including the New Zealand beef steaks. The priciest item, the grilled pepper steak, was a pocket-friendly $9.30. The beef came smothered in black pepper gravy, and quite flavourful.

Spicy food has the piquant, hot, fiery, burning taste of spices. We are talking of highly spiced, piquant, zesty food, certainly savory. It can be also described after the predominant spice, like peppery or gingery food.

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With so many choices before me, I decided a recommendation was the best way to go and the uncle suggested his best-seller, the chicken tikka biryani ($9). If you wanted, they also have drinks like mango lassi to make it a complete meal. The food arrived in five to ten minutes, aromas wafting from the steaming rice. The chicken tikka was tender and juicy, and you could taste all the different spices.

More often than not, the curry runs out before you’re done eating, but here they give you the right portion so you’re not coasting on dry rice or katsu. Of the three , my favourite has to be the tonkatsu – lean yet flavourful, with a light crunchy coating. The default main ingredient is meatballs, which come with a bit of minced pork and fried anchovies, but you can switch it up to salmon, fish maw and even whole abalone. But even the fanciest ingredients need a good base, and Top 1’s noodles don’t disappoint. Out of those, I like the fresh and crunchy kimchi which were well fermented with sour, sweet and spicy flavour followed by the strips of fish cakes that were slightly sweet with a tender and chewy texture. Lastly, not forgetting the crunchy anchovies with a sweet and salty flavour.

September 20, 2022
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