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November 20, 2021
Unlimited Duration

Conduct during examinations

  • Students must always comply with the Online Examination Rules.
  • Complete the exam in a private space.
  • Do not communicate in any way with other students during the examination.
  • Comply with all instructions outlined on the examination material, including instructions on which materials you may have with you during the examination.
  • Students are not permitted to copy, replicate, or share any examination material at any point in time.
  • Students must not collude with others, for example working with others on completing the examinations, allowing others to copy your work, or sharing your answers.
  • Students must not cheat, for example copying the work of others or getting someone else to do your online examination.
  • Students must turn on their webcam to enable the class lecturer to observe.
  • Students are not allowed to refer or place reference materials/sources next to them during examination.

General Online Examination Rules & Regulations

  1. Student must carefully listen and follow instructions.
  2. Student is allowed to start examination only after confirmation if all needed conditions are implemented.
  3. During all examination session student has to keep his/her webcam on.
  4. During all examination session student has to ensure, that he/she is alone in the room.
  5. During all examination sessions, students must turn-off all personnel devices which can disturb the virtual examination unless it is used to communicate with lecturers for online exam purposes and has to be placed at location that can be seen by lecturers at all times.
  6. During all examination session student is not allowed to use any other devices, applications, unless permitted by course lecturer.
  7. No extra time will be given for the subjects in examination time.
  8. At any circumstances student is not allowed to disturb other participants of examination session.
  9. Students are not allowed for toilet breaks during online examination for examination duration up to 60 minutes.
  10. Class lecturer will be online to observe and invigilate all examination to ensure all is well.
  11. Students are allowed one hour per module. Should any students exceeded this time, the system will automatically ‘submit’ and closed.
  12. For students who complete the module ahead of time, do use the balance of time to check all questions to ensure all are answered. Note that once you click ‘submit’, there will not be any more changes.
  13. September will be an Assessment Month. There will not be anymore online classes. Only self-study and own preparation for the examinations.

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