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It is a colony made up of lots of small animals working together. Great White Shark — This shark has no predators besides https://animallive.tv/atlas-ptakow-polski/grubodziob.html killer whales and humans. Goblin Shark — A very rare species of deep sea shark that has a goblin-like face and teeth that look like nails. Fathead Sculpin — These fish live at the bottom of the sea, though not in waters too deep. Some of them have soft spines that cover their bodies. Chilean Jack Mackerel — A school fish that lives in the middle of the ocean (between the ocean’s surface and floor), and is popular for commercial fishing.

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  • They are apex predators, which means they have no natural predators.
  • Grouper — This is a common name for many different kinds of fish.
  • These deep sea predators are actually harmless to humans as they hunt squid and smaller fish.

They can move at speeds of one to four millimeters a day. Southern Stingray — This kind of ray is mud brown in color and its stinger is covered in a thick mucus. Shovelnose Guitarfish — The guitarfish is a kind of ray that has magnetic properties. Shark — A group of fish characterized by cartilaginous skeletons, five to seven gills on the side, and pectoral fins that are not fused to the head.

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Also known as the sea hedgehog, sea urchins usually live on ocean seabeds and warm waters. Salmon often live alone in deep waters as adults and can grow quite big, with the king salmon weighing up to 57.2kg. The rorqual whale filter feeds on krill, plankton, and other types of ocean creatures. The structure we called “coral” is made up of tiny coral creatures. They connect to one another and make colonies with form one organism.

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Their bodies are covered by dermal denticles that offer protection to the skin and improving fluid dynamics. This transparent squid can be found throughout the world’s oceans, mostly in shallow waters as they are able to remain camouflaged. Their body comprises most of their mass, with only three short arms, two of which contain suckers or hooks. The only structure which can be seen through the body is the squid’s digestive gland. These creatures also have the power of bioluminescence like many deep sea creatures which can aid in prey capture.

Arctic Char — This fish is the only kind that dwells so far to the north. There are some types that breed in fresh water and then migrate to the sea. Browse 10,959 animals under the sea stock photos and images available, or start a new search to explore more stock photos and images. This amoeba resembles a star shape, formed from sulfate crystals ten or twenty diametric spine. These creatures are characterized by their skeletons which not not fossilize after death, but instead quickly dissolve. Little is known of these fragile creatures yet their striking shape perplexes many and opens the doors to the amazing ocean creatures inhabiting this planet.

Why Is Biodiversity Critical To Life On Earth?

Horn Shark — This is a smaller shark, usually getting to be about 3.3 feet. Hawaiian Monk Seal — Monk seals are a rare tropical seal, and they are usually seen either alone or in small groups. Hatchetfish — The shape of this bioluminescent fish is like a hatchet.

Oysters are considered to be filter feeders, and they play an important role in their habitat by removing impurities from the water around them. Lobsters are green, yellow or bright blue in nature. Jellyfish are considered a delicacy and are found in traditional Chinese medicine. Jellyfish have lived for millions of years even before the time of dinosaurs.

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